Collection: Carolyn Joe

Carolyn grew up in Dallas where her love for whimsical illustration began as a child. She earned a BA in Studio Art and Art History at Wake Forest University and was fortunate to experience art while traveling and working abroad as a curatorial assistant in galleries in Sydney, Australia. A sense of exploration and adventure can be felt in her vibrant & playful use of color.

Carolyn grew as a painter and shared her enthusiasm while teaching and developing children’s art curriculum at a local private school. Today she enjoys creating commissioned works for residential and commercial spaces while collaborating with designers and retailers. She is represented exclusively by Maestri Gallery. Her work has been adapted to fashion for Rosie + Belle, Roma rain boots, athleisure leggings, and home decor textiles, including custom wallcovering via Look Walls for commercial and residential use. Carolyn was recently commissioned to develop brand assets used in marketing for Bertolli's new US line of organic Carapelli olive oil campaign, The Art of the Olive. She paints in her home studio, alongside two mini muses // budding artists.

"I'm happy to have a small space & a few quiet hours late at night to create. I love pouring layers of paint that take weeks to dry. It's life-giving and brings me joy."