Collection: Kaline Carter

After a brief stint at Parsons School of Design in the early 1990s, Kaline Carter found himself in a creative dry spell for about two decades. Around 2017, he began looking at everyday scenes differently—particularly glimpses of architecture, aerial views of cities and farmland, and shapes found in nature-- and soon he picked up a sketchbook. He was fascinated with the vast universe of color combinations that can be applied to patterns and his sketchbook was filling up.

In early 2019, he started researching painting techniques with acrylic on canvas and found many ways to paint hard-edge geometric paintings. He ran into more influential artists like Ellsworth Kelly, Frederick
Hammersley, Carmen Herrera, Agnes Martin, Ad Reinhardt, and Barnett Newman. Carter considers them to be his teachers, and has taken a bit from each of their practices. By paring down observations of the world around him, and then applying the techniques he’s learned while studying his favorite artists, Carter has found a style he is completely comfortable working in.