A Phantasmagorical Collaboration

A collaboration almost 2 years in the making has finally arrived!

Meet the newest introduction to the Montmartre Series with Ever Atelier.

Starting with sketches by Eddie Maestri and merged with the creative and power house behind Ever Atelier, Architectural Reign was born!

This fun thought provoking layout is sure to bring a little bit of curiosity to any space.

Architectural Reign

An original, avant garde pattern emerged from selecting various sketches by: Eddie Maestri in conjunction with adding our own Ever ink blot marks on top of Maestri’s architectural line drawings. The idea behind this art is the basis of pure concept. Some of Maestri’s renderings were built into homes, and some have not been. The importance of adding our own ink marks blurs the idea between concept. Is this architecture or psychology?

This artistic, thought provoking pattern begs for you to decide. What’s in your mind?

  • Maestri Studio

    Maestri Studio, founded in 2008, is a dynamic and client-centric firm, deeply committed to creating spaces that truly reflect the clients’ who inhabit them. With an architectural + interior design focus, Maestri Studio blends functionality with exquisite aesthetic appeal, ensuring each project is not only visually stunning, but also tailored to their clients’ lifestyle and preferences. Eddie Maestri and each member of his Maestri team bring their own unique skills and backgrounds contributing to a diverse range of perspectives and innovative thinking. Their studio diversity enriches the creative process and allows for imaginative design solutions. With their projects celebrated nationwide, Maestri Studio has made a significant impact in the world of architecture and interior design.

    Their mantra, “we design where you live,” encapsulates the studio’s philosophy of creating lasting spaces that resonate with the essence of the clients’ who call them home.


  • Ever Atelier

    A wallcovering + art studio based in Dallas, Texas. Founded with intention by Ashley Leftwich and Sarah English. They are artists that leave footprints of artistic experimentation in all of their designs.

    Sarah and Ash serendipitously were brought together by geography, family, and love of art. They are friends, neighbors, artists, and collaborative business partners. Connection has a way of introduction in your life when the timing is right! Their collusion of talents and shared devotion for color, pattern, design and original art culminated their drive to create their own studio that launched Summer 2019.

    Sarah has a background in fine arts and worked for 10 years + in the corporate fashion retail industry. Several years ago she left the corporate world to venture entrepreneurially in her own direction as a successful surface pattern designer.

     Ash has a background in textiles and Interior Design and has been a part of the Dallas Design scene for several decades-- working successfully for showrooms, interior architects, textile manufacturers, and has her own interior design projects. She has been a passionate lover of textiles from her beginning.