Collection: Hillary Cumberworth

Hillary Cumberworth Headshot

The perfect way to describe Hillary is to simply say that she is the youngest of four kids. Her life started off as the caboose to a circus train, so she can handle anything that is thrown her way with creativity, empathy, and always a little humor. Her experiences from growing up in a large family and exposure to other people and cultures has certainly shaped the themes of her art. The sculptures she creates capture and embody moments in life that impact us and alter how others perceive us on the outside. These sculptures can stand strong alone or in groupings where one piece’s bend might be the perfect accompaniment to another one’s impression.  Interpersonal relationships and internal strength are main themes that run throughHillary’s work.

This native Austinite earned her Bachelor of Arts with a focus in sculpture and a minor in Art History from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas.  While at university she studied under Mary Hale Visser and interned for Nene Humphrey, Elise Siegel and Nancy Bowen in New York City.  She also was an All-Conference basketball player and met the main man in her life’s story while in school.  They have gone on to live in a handful of Texas cities.  While in Houston,Hillarytaught art at an inner city Middle school and was the foundry assistant to David Medina at the Glassell School of Art.  She and her husband then jumped ship and moved abroad and proceeded to have three kids in succession.  Her time living in Dubai and her travel experiences while there have put a permeant mark on her world views and thinking.  Since moving back to Austin, in her fleeting spare time she loves to devour a cheese board with friends, binge watch the latest show and plan her next adventures around the world.