Collection: Robin Ewing

I have always been fascinated with color. All colors; muted colors, bright colors, dull colors, ugly colors, and all in between. I have always wondered, and thought (for more hours than I will admit), how everyone sees them individually and what that means about their reaction to that color. When I was teaching, I always told my students that color was the most important element of art.

After drawing realistically in pencil for the last 7 years, I finally dove back into my first love…color. I believe color has the power to make the viewer feel such a wide range of emotions, and feel it intensely! I am either one million percent in love with something or I cannot stand it at all. This is how I am with my paintings. I work with them, like a puzzle, until that moment when I so intensely love them, that I cannot change anything. I have always wanted people to have a strong reaction to my work, whatever that reaction may be. I believe that color is so powerful, having the ability to change a mood, invoke a memory, change someone’s opinion and simply enough, to make someone happy. My pieces range from purely non-objective pieces focusing on the colors and their interaction with each other to more abstract pieces whose focus, while having a more recognizable subject, is still color.